Heart or Mind: Which to follow?

It is just a struggle, we all live with. Every second-struggle in our lives to decide whether to go with our heart or mind. Even though heart and mind lie in one body when a person tends to think from either of the perspectives, they seem to see the world, very much different. And it seems the world itself is divided with the dilemma of going with their mind or heart.  The heart tends to see the situation more emotionally than the mind. The mind believes in facts and heart believes the fate.

Everyone has their own explanation on which one to follow, whether it is the emotional heart or the factual mind. Please do not hesitate to leave your thoughts on it, in our comment box. Show us your way of thinking on this topic. So, this article is my expression of thought regarding which a person should really be following his heart or mind.

Most of the people suggest us to go with our heart because it always seems to be right. But is it? We are a social being, so our through processing is highly influenced by our emotions.As mentioned early the heart sees the situation through the lens of emotion and as the emotion is attached to the reasoning of the situation,  it fairly seems to be true. However, unlike the mind which analyses the situation based on fact and truth, the heart is very easy to corrupt. The heart can be easily diverted. It can be manipulated, of course, the mind can be too but it is much easier in the case the heart. All people are not good, some are their just to give you a hard time and if you always listen to your heart, they will do their best to manipulate the situation and it will easily mislead you. So is the mind the better choice?

More of the people who are much more dedicated to science and fact tends to think that mind is always the better choice the heart when dealing with a situation in life. We are gifted with the power of wisdom. We can keep track of our failure and improve ourselves revising it. By analyzing the situation and based on our wisdom about facts and the past, we can predict the outcome. However, we know the same fact cannot always be relevant to every of life, there is always a ways to prove it wrong and the past is past, we can not guaranty that it is repeating again. As the mind does not deal with emotion, uncovering the situation without it is dangerous and it might lead to a result or the status, where we all know, is wrong.

The heart and the mind have their own pros and cons. I believe that as a human it is not safe to be extreme on any side when dealing with the situation. One must analyze the trouble put up to us by our life, through both the perspective. The heart and the mind are like two wheels of the bicycle, it is safe to ride only when both of the wheels and it their top condition.
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