The Way I Saw it: Wander

As humans are conscious beings, it is obvious that the way you see this world is probably different from any other individual in existence.  Each individual is unique because we have different levels of wisdom and consciousness. Our uniqueness has helped us survive the wrath of mother nature so many times. It is normal to have a different view of your life or even the environment you live in. It makes us strong. It makes us curious. And curiosity is what makes our species unstoppable in terms of achieving new heights.

The way my mind wanders is totally different from yours. The way I see a pen is different for your way of seeing it. Just give this a try, close your eyes and imagine a pen. Your brain process and give you an image of a pen. However, the pen you saw just now is absolutely different from the pen I saw because we are not seeing the same pen, we are just seeing it.

As everyone has their own level of consciousness and different way of seeing, in this article I would like to express how my mind wanders off to know the unknown and the way I see my life.
The way I saw the world was different, I used to think that everything that was happening around was directly or indirectly connected to me. Even when I used to get the news of the ongoing war in a different country than I lived, I thought I was related to me. I use to see the world as entertainment. Everything that was going on in my life was just to keep me entertained. Like, interaction with my parents, playing with friends and going to school, and whatever that made me interact. I saw every other person as a character, that was interacting with me so that I was doing what I was supposed to and not get bored. I thought it was meant to be that way. I know it is really dark thinking but I helped me compete with myself, and to do better. Because from the starting I used to think that if I wanted a change in my life, nobody was going to do it for me as I saw everyone as a character just doing his role to entertain me.

The way I saw it was, I was the only one who was cable of changing my own life. I thought my thought is to be valued as I change the course of my life. I thought my decisions were valuable as it was me who was doing it for my future me. I wander off and come up with strange thinkings that sometimes motivate me and sometimes it just drags me down. However, your consciousness is my uniqueness and I adore it. Everyone is unique and it should be that way.

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Heart or Mind: Which to follow?

It is just a struggle, we all live with. Every second-struggle in our lives to decide whether to go with our heart or mind. Even though heart and mind lie in one body when a person tends to think from either of the perspectives, they seem to see the world, very much different. And it seems the world itself is divided with the dilemma of going with their mind or heart.  The heart tends to see the situation more emotionally than the mind. The mind believes in facts and heart believes the fate.

Everyone has their own explanation on which one to follow, whether it is the emotional heart or the factual mind. Please do not hesitate to leave your thoughts on it, in our comment box. Show us your way of thinking on this topic. So, this article is my expression of thought regarding which a person should really be following his heart or mind.

Most of the people suggest us to go with our heart because it always seems to be right. But is it? We are a social being, so our through processing is highly influenced by our emotions.As mentioned early the heart sees the situation through the lens of emotion and as the emotion is attached to the reasoning of the situation,  it fairly seems to be true. However, unlike the mind which analyses the situation based on fact and truth, the heart is very easy to corrupt. The heart can be easily diverted. It can be manipulated, of course, the mind can be too but it is much easier in the case the heart. All people are not good, some are their just to give you a hard time and if you always listen to your heart, they will do their best to manipulate the situation and it will easily mislead you. So is the mind the better choice?

More of the people who are much more dedicated to science and fact tends to think that mind is always the better choice the heart when dealing with a situation in life. We are gifted with the power of wisdom. We can keep track of our failure and improve ourselves revising it. By analyzing the situation and based on our wisdom about facts and the past, we can predict the outcome. However, we know the same fact cannot always be relevant to every of life, there is always a ways to prove it wrong and the past is past, we can not guaranty that it is repeating again. As the mind does not deal with emotion, uncovering the situation without it is dangerous and it might lead to a result or the status, where we all know, is wrong.

The heart and the mind have their own pros and cons. I believe that as a human it is not safe to be extreme on any side when dealing with the situation. One must analyze the trouble put up to us by our life, through both the perspective. The heart and the mind are like two wheels of the bicycle, it is safe to ride only when both of the wheels and it their top condition.
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Is It Just Me

                It is already 2019, and still, so many of us are struggling to find the merest gleams of that hint. The hint that really exposes us to the bitter question i.e why we are still living this meaningless life? A life without a clear goal, or any purpose. Each and every one of us at some point reaches to a point, where we start to question our existence.

               Is our existence meaningless? Is there a purpose for every life? Is the goal of life to be famous? Is the goal of life to be rich? Are we alive to compete against one another? Is life just about living happily? Do we live just to keep our self alive? Why do we think the way we think? Why do we fall in love? Is the meaning of love for everyone same? Why do we work? Is hunger our greatest enemy or time? Do we live to die? Why do we try our best to uplift our living standard when we are alive and just die? Do we struggle in vain? Why do we live? Why are we conscious? What are we living for? 

                The power of our wisdom is tremendous. We have gone through many fields to find answers. We have sunk in the depths of many religions that have been introduced to us and have reached stunning heights in the field of science in search of answers. But the result merely satisfies our thrust. We want to know more and the time that we have is a handful. Since the beginning of mankind, we are searching but still, the outcome saddens my heart.  

               Like every one of you, I also think, is just me or does everyone wonders off with this question in the mind? I have gone through a lot in my life, although I am just in my early 20s. I work 5 days a week and 2 days I study. I am bored. I think, is this what life is? Just go to work to earn money, spend that money in education, feed yourself and have a bit of fun also, save some money for your last days. Why am I doing, is everyone doing the same? I am lost and it is common I guess. 

               We spend so much time on social media and to find the friend to love and we want the same love back from them. In this process, we get hurt? But why do we feel the pain, we do not even understand our existence and we fall apart for our simple and common pain. Our mind makes us do that but why? Is there a purpose behind this all the events that go down in our life? Does these all event lead us to our main goal? Does every move we make in our life count? Or we just do it in vain?

              I do not get it and neither has anyone of us. And that is totally fine with me because the more I think, the more I get lost, lost in the vastness of my wisdom. Everyone has a choice, although it merely satisfy us, it is better for us to go with one because it gives us the tiniest hint of the purpose and helps so to stay sane. I have chosen Christ, He shines brightly in my heart and has helped me see the main purpose in my life rather than just wandering off.
             You might have different, likely Allah, Krishna, Buddha, Science or any other. Just go with it so that you can live. Live life in peace and a purpose. Because all it matters in life is peace and it is your choice where to have it or not.