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In Defense of Socrates

At the age of 71, Socrates was sentenced to death by drinking hemlock. He was accused of being atheist and corrupting the youths, which was seen as a violation of the law and a threat to the democracy of Athens. The controversy still occurs about the decision made by the jury members on 399 BCE for the execution of Socrates(Trial, pg.17). Going through the Apology written by Plato and other accounts on Socrates, the points on which he was accused and put to death is ridiculous and childish. The members of the jury were drawn by their emotions to make a decision against him, rather than thinking as responsible people and coming up with a better option. Socrates is the pioneer of modern thinking in Western civilization. Due to poor accounts, it is not really clear what kind of life he lived. Most of his character and personality can be known from the data collected by his pupils, Plato And Xenophon. The teaching of Socrates was simple, however, it was powerful and really intimidated the …

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